Uber Driver? Working for Skip the dishes or other self employed driver?

You are considered an independent contractor…. and that means since you work for yourself, you’re responsible to collect, remit, and file your GST—on all your ridesharing trips to (CRA).

All fares charged by all rideshare partners (drivers like you) are now subject to HST/GST. No matter how much income you earn from ridesharing, this requirement stays the same.
Luckily, GST is already included in every fare your riders pay. So, while you still need to remit HST/GST, once registered, you may be eligible to claim input tax credits (ITC) back on some of your expenses as a driver.

These expenses may include

  • Refreshments, Magazines, Music subscriptions( XM Sirius) for your passengers
  • Maintenance expenses (Gas, oil, windshield washer fluid, new tires, tune-ups, etc.)
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Depreciation or Leasing Costs
  • Interest paid on Car finance
  • Tolls or parking costs
  • Cell phone expenses
  • Uber booking fees or royalties

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