A1 Accounting will prepare tax returns based on the guidelines from CRA to ensure that all your cryptocurrency holdings are tax compliant. Call us today or send us an enquiry and we will book a time for you to come so we can sit down with us. 

Businesses and investors, more than ever, are looking to alternative means of diversifying their financial interests, and cryptocurrency is one way they can do this. The blockchain enables people to move money from one country to another easily, and so, users of cryptocurrencies can live in all parts of the globe. Developing nations, like Zimbabwe, are seeing an influx of users, as it has provided an easy substitution for their fiat currency, and other nations are following suit. Throughout the world, cryptocurrencies are becoming mainstream, and the number of users goes up all the time.

Once again understanding your tax implications is paramount to making certain that both you and your business are protected and compliant in the eyes of CRA.

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