27 Jun 2013

As Calgary continues its cleanup after last weekend’s devastating floods, many of our friends and neighbours are left without homes.

The Alberta government has pledged $1 billion in restoration efforts, and that includes emergency funding for those displaced by the floodwaters. They are eligible to receive pre-loaded debit cards valued at $1,250 for each adult and $500 for each child. Priority is being given to helping people who are relying on reception centres serving the evacuated areas, starting with High River and the Siksika First Nation, according to a Government of Alberta news release.

Each debit card can be used for cash withdrawals at ATMs and for purchases at debit machines and online.

Processing centres are being set up today in Nanton and Vulcan, while debit cards will be delivered to Siksika for distribution.

You are eligible for a debit card if you:

  • Were issued an evacuation order, and
  • Declare your inability to return home for a minimum of seven days

You must register as an evacuee with the Canadian Red Cross online or by calling 1-866-696-6484, and bring appropriate identification to one of the processing sites. This includes photo ID for your and your spouse or partner, proof of family connection and proof of your main residence’s location. Anyone who is missing an ID can make a statutory declaration to get their debit card.

Check the Alberta Recovery Information web page for detailed information on having the right identification.

Loss of property

When evacuees get back into their homes, they’re likely to find a lot of destruction. The government is preparing a Disaster Recovery Program, which will provide funding for repairs and loss of essential property that isn’t covered by your home insurance.

Continue to check the Government of Alberta’s Flood Recovery page for updates.