23 Nov 2018
Calgary tax accountant

Calgary Tax Accountant Tip: A Calgary tax accountant is also a business owner and being an entrepreneur of any sorts means simultaneously taking on multiple tasks and responsibilities. This also means that your profits are hard-earned and well-deserved. If you are the breadwinner or the highest earner in your family on top of running your […]

16 Nov 2018
tax accountant in calgary

Tips From Tax Accountants In Calgary As a tax Accountant In Calgary, I am often asked how business owners are able to prepare their taxes in the most efficient and accurate manner. As the holidays approach, so does the pressure to evaluate your year-end finances and prepare taxes. Keep in mind that it’s important to take […]

09 Nov 2018
Calgary Accountants | Bookkeeping

A1 Accounting (Calgary Accountants): “Not having any income for the year 2018 doesn’t mean you won’t get any tax returns that are eligible for benefits and credit payments.” For instance, families under the Canada Child Benefit program are qualified to receive a maximum of $6400 per year for each child under six years of age […]

02 Nov 2018
Calgary Accountants

Adaptability in today’s changing economic trends is vital in order for entrepreneurs to properly manage their finances. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs tend to only look at their financial statements close to the year-end. According to BDC’s financial management consultant, Jorge Henao, this lack of benchmarking will put your business at risk. In our Calgary accounting practice […]

29 Oct 2018

In this blog, we will outline the foundations of a constantly progressing company culture. Leaders and managers can inspire rapid development in an organization which can  boost your company’s competitive strategy. This strategy requires a relationship-oriented approach with an emphasis on what your clients want. Contrary to what this blog has led you to believe so […]

23 Aug 2018

IMPACT TO THE SMALL BUSINESS DEDUCTION COMING IN 2019 Upcoming rate changes for Corporations will start for yearends after December 31, 2018.  According to Bill C-74, impact the tax on passive income there will be two main changes. The first change will be the reduction of the Small Business Deduction (SBD).   For every dollar of […]

28 Jul 2017

On July 18, 2017, Canada’s Minister of Finance released a consultation paper and draft legislative proposals that target the use of private corporations to sprinkle income among family members, hold passive investments and strip surplus by converting corporate surplus into capital gains. In the government’s view, such tax planning strategies provide tax advantages that unfairly […]