About Us

Here is your opportunity to learn more about our company and our team.


A1’s talented partners and associates specialize in the areas of tax, accounting, assurance, estate planning, business advisory, and bookkeeping services for a client base in the Calgary area.

A1 Accounting has a high partner-to-client ratio, and this means more senior people offering quality guidance to each and every one of our clients. You’ll benefit from a continuing relationship with one or more of our partners and specialists who will be available to you when you need us. We take great pride in the long-term relationships we have with many of our clients who appreciate that we are large enough to provide the full range of services they require but small enough to respond promptly to their individual needs.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. This website includes a unique customer testimonial for each service area and client type. Or jump straight to our client testimonial page – we get rave reviews!

Our Team



CPA/CMA, Partner

Christine has a love of travel and she thrives on new adventures. She has travelled to 55 countries and plans to visit more in her lifetime. With her adventurous spirit she also enjoys hiking and being around the beautiful Rocky Mountains. When possible, Christine loves to volunteer, especially with children’s charities. She’s always on the move and isn’t afraid to share the things that she loves, especially the colour purple.

One thing on Christine’s bucket list is to travel to every country in the world!



Senior Advisor, the ‘Glue’

Roberto is our resident handyman, and the glue that holds our office together and keeps us all running smoothly. Roberto enjoys playing squash and he loves to read, and read and did we mention reading? He can speak four languages, one of which is Spanglish. Roberto is our pastry guy who makes the pastry runs for our office. How else do you think we get through tax season?



Senior Accounting Technician

During hockey season you’ll find Dennis wearing a Hitmen jersey right after work as he loves watching hockey. Dennis enjoys putting together puzzles and 5-pin bowling. Dennis believes that you shouldn’t limit yourself in all the things you can experience in life.

Dennis wants to travel more and see Europe. He really wants to see the historical attractions.



CPA & Client Advisor

Fatou may seem quiet and shy, but she loves laughing, making jokes and listening to music! She loves spending time with kids, especially her son. One of her favourite things to do is to go roller skating. She’s a roller derby babe!

On Fatou’s bucket list is to see more of Asia: specifically Korea and Singapore.



CPA/CGA, CMA, Bookkeeper

Rajni likes the simple things in life. She loves cooking and spending time with her daughter. They love painting together. She volunteers at her daughter’s school and with new-comers and seniors. Rajni’s greatest desire is a balanced life.



Workflow Coordinator

Corinne is the official baker in our office. Trust us, her brownies are the best! Corinne used to be a youth pastor and she loves working with teenagers and young adults. Often you’ll hear she went to volunteer at camp for the weekend, on a camping trip or hiking, and she has some great stories to share.

Corinne’s bucket list item is to do a road trip to visit the National Parks in Utah, and to revisit the Oregon coastline.



Accounting Technician

Rubi is our archery expert – the only one who shot a bull-eye during our company outing! Not only that, but her best skill is shopping. She LOVES shopping! She also enjoys being around friends, playing basketball and most of all, cartoons!

One thing on Rubi’s bucket list is to go back to Australia after she retires!




Marcela, along with Fatou, has the biggest sweet tooth in our office. You’ll be sure to find your favorite pastry gone from the box when they’re around! Marcela loves the sun and she’s quite the fashionista. She also speaks Spanglish with Roberto, and has a soft heart for puppies.



Marketing Assistant

Heidi’s passions are graphic design, videography and leadership. She leads small groups with her church leaders at the university and loves talking with and connecting with people. She enjoys road trips and often you’ll find her playing pocket billiards or 10-pin bowling with friends.

On Heidi’s bucket list, she’d love to go overseas to do humanitarian work and experience a different view of life.

Who We Are

At A1 Accounting, we live by diversity. Our uniqueness provides our workplace one with many different strengths and backgrounds to assure your problems are at good hands. Our team has a great impact on our relationship with you and through them, we ensure that you can trust and enjoy working with us.